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Bugs & Feature Requests

Shapes 2.3.2 2020-October-20


  • Angled dash slope can now be tweaked and reversed (#113)
  • Inline code documentation for dash properties


  • More shader optimization
  • Fixed a bug where immediate mode text wrapped (#122)
  • Fixed a bug where negative rectangle width/height misbehaved (#114)
  • Fixed a bug where 2D polylines used the incorrect bounds (#110)
  • Fixed a bug where Shape Group would get a nullref (#102)
  • Fixed a bug where parts of the cuboid inspector didn't work
  • Fixed a bug where polyline/polygon meshes didn't update properly (#47)
  • Fixed a bug where polygons sometimes failed to triangulate valid counter-clockwise configurations (#116)
  • Fixed a bug where setting zTest/factor/units in code of component-based polylines and polygons had no effect (#128)

Shapes 2.3.1 2020-September-15


  • All shaders have been optimized further
  • Fixed a bug where regular polygons wouldn't compile on some platforms (#82, #91)
  • Fixed broken regular polygon scene view handles. They were like, straight up unfinished, I somehow forgot about it completely and so it was full of errors~
  • Fixed an issue where shape renderers would not be instanced due probe and shadow settings (#85)
  • Fixed a http request warning in Unity 2020.1+

Shapes 2.3.0 2020-September-8


  • Added Regular Polygons! You can control the number of sides, roundness, whether or not it should be hollow, and more (#31)
  • Added Shape Group - A component that can color tint & alpha fade all child shapes (#74)
  • Discs can now be billboarded (always facing the camera) (#32)
  • You can now set depth test of all shapes (#51)
  • You can now set depth offset of all shapes (#17)


  • Fixed a bug where discs has minor aliasing artifacts in each cardinal direction
  • Fixed a bug where scaled discs had incorrect thickness and transparency behavior (#76)
  • Fixed a bug where scaled polylines had incorrect transparency behavior (#66)
  • Gizmos are now auto-enabled when entering shape edit modes
  • Sorting layer and order properties are now accessible in code in shape components (#67)
  • Fixed an issue with first-time render pipe detection (#73)
  • Fixed FPS example in URP/HDRP
  • Namespaced two files I forgot to namespace!
  • Polyline/Polygon point lists are now exposed to users. note: this requires manual update of the mesh (#55)
  • Fixed nullref when modifying properties of disabled shapes (#56)
  • Minor UI tweaks

Shapes 2.2.0 2020-August-14


  • URP support (#2)
  • HDRP support (#1)
  • Added Polygon shape, for making arbitrary filled polygons, with support for gradient overlay (#41)
  • Added scene view handles to modify shapes with


  • Fixed a bug where polyline meshes didn't always update
  • Fixed a bug where scaling flat 2D lines behaved incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where editing polyline thickness when multiselecting was a lil borked
  • Removed unnecessary [CreateAssetMenu] attributes

Shapes 2.0.0 2020-July-18

New dash features & changes

  • Added dashed Rings, Arcs & 3D Lines
  • Added dash Types: Basic, Rounded & Angled
  • Dash spacing can now be set independently of dash size
  • Dashes can now snap to the shape, either by tiling or having a dash at each end
  • Dash length can either be set in meters, relative to thickness, or a fixed count across the shape
  • Updated Shapes Gallery scene to include dashed examples

Other features

  • Added sorting layer & order to all shape components (#15)
  • Added setting to enable HDR for all color fields
  • Added Uniform and Coordinate scaling modes. Coordinate scaling scales objects without changing thickness values


  • Cleaned up FPS example code
  • Updated Disc type & Line dash type UI icons to be more consistent
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with scaling (#4)
  • Fixed an issue where assigning certain fields on Line components don't work
  • Fixed a bug where the Polyline component did not update its mesh when assigning Polyline points by index
  • Fixed a bug where dashes for immediate mode lines didn't work (#25)

Shapes 1.1.1 2020-June-24

  • Fixed FPS example script preventing builds from compiling

Shapes 1.1.0 2020-June-23

  • Rectangles now support per-corner radius (#12)
  • Added the FPS HUD sample scene from the trailer
  • Added support for Unity 2018.4 LTS
  • Added offline quick start guide
  • Draw.Font now has a font assigned to it by default (Consolas)
  • Added a fancy about/check for updates window~
  • Polyline inspector now auto-collapses the point list if you have more than 20 points (case 18)
  • Shapes is no longer intended to go in Packages/ as we're now moving to the asset store
  • Fixed a bug where shapes were created in the scene instead of the prefab edit context (case 21)
  • Fixed a few incorrectly named properties (Disc.RadiusInner, Cone.RadiusSpace)
  • Fixed a bug where the dreaded cone didn't have support for single pass instanced rendering
  • Updated various shapes menu links

Shapes 1.0.1 2020-June-16

  • Added Draw.ResetStyle and Draw.ResetAllDrawStates for easy resetting/initialization of all statics
  • Fixed a critical path typo that somehow didn't break literally everyone's projects
  • Fixed a bug where you could add multiple Shapes to a single game object
  • Fixed a bug when modifying a Shape component before its Awake() was called (case #16)
  • Fixed a bug (hopefully) with single pass instanced VR (case #17)
  • Fixed tangent import warnings (case #15)
  • Removed unused UIElements using directive

Shapes 1.0.0 2020-June-13

  • Initial release on Patreon